We are a group of individuals who enjoy parks, trails, community and getting outside.

We are here to promote a lifestyle that can involve walking out of your house and getting to a destination without setting foot in a vehicle. A lifestyle that has been planned for in and around Woodstock, Georgia in southern Cherokee County. The focus is protecting and getting out to enjoy the natural resources that surround us in our everyday life. Getting out for a walk as a family, a run as part of training, a paddle down Little River or enjoying the rush of adrenaline you get while mountain biking. We exist to help make these things possible.

Take a moment to meet some of our key people and let us know if you have interest in joining our cause in any fashion.


Gary Moore, Executive Director
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My wife and I moved to Woodstock in 1995 and have raised our two daughters here. When we first learned about Greenprints Alliance, we were really excited to see that such an initiative was sprouting in our own hometown. I’m a devout mountain biker and, as a volunteer board member with SORBA Woodstock since 2011, I have very much enjoyed seeing the life-enriching effects that our local natural surface trails bring to our hikers, runners and riders. The multi-use trails being constructed now promise to bring the same opportunities to get outside and enjoy Woodstock’s natural beauty for an even broader audience. Greenprints trails offer a means of transportation, recreation and fitness in a way that can fundamentally change the way Woodstock lives, works and plays. Join our efforts today!


Colin Ake, Chair
Principal, VentureLab at Georgia Tech

As a native of the area who has had a Woodstock address for the vast majority of my life, I grew up playing in the woods, riding bikes, and enjoying the outdoors. As great as it is to see the city of Woodstock and the surrounding area grow and develop, I want to have a hand in ensuring long-term access to safe outside destinations for exercise, exploration, and enjoyment. It is my hope that our work with Greenprints Alliance, in conjunction with the city and county, will foster an attitude that will support the expansion of our trail system and parks and the protection of our natural resources. This will enable adults to have safe and local exercise options and ensure that kids will have the ability to grow up outside for years to come. Please, join us in supporting the development of trails in the Atlanta area, encouraging others to do the same, and building a network for us to enjoy for years to come.

Jennifer Stockton, Vice Chair

A native of Buffalo, New York, Jennifer and her dog Cadence can often be found on the Noonday Creek trail in Woodstock. As a founding member of Greenprints Alliance, Jennifer has worked tirelessly for years to impart momentum to the organization and currently leads corporate development in addition to serving as Vice Chair. If you see her and her cheerful smile around town, say hi!

Julie Kingsley, Treasurer

Lucky enough to have called Woodstock home since 2006, my two boys and I wanted to support this community for all that it was and for all that it could be. Helping businesses get started and grow into thriving enterprises is my passion and my career as a CPA, and I was honored to be asked to bring that experience into Greenprints as a board member.  I have watched Woodstock transform over the years and the trails have been a large part of the draw for visitors to the area. When I hear the word active, my first thought is that of being outdoors… running, hiking, biking.  I can’t think of a better way to contribute to our future than by providing multi-use trails connecting us as a community, and also in spirit. 


Shaun Harty, Secretary

I moved my family to Woodstock in 1996 for better opportunity, a life style change and to escape Upstate NY winters.  I have served over 10 years on the Park & Rec Advisory Board, was a member of the Master Park Plan Steering Committee and now proudly serve on the Greenprints Alliance Board.

Inspired by parents who insisted I “go outside and play” instead of being in the house, I hope to bring that opportunity to the kids of Woodstock to safely play in our parks and greenspaces and move around the city safely by bicycle or on foot via our trails system.


Brian Stockton, Ex Officio & TrailFest Committee Chair

In my day job I have the pleasure of serving as the Director of the Office of Economic Development for the City of Woodstock. In this role I am the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority and the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the President of the Main Street Woodstock organization. Prior to this I served as the City Planner for Woodstock. When we started the Greenprints planning process in 2007, I didn't realize the transformative impact this could have on our community. A good friend and I founded Greenprints Alliance and put together this group of dedicated people to help us realize this vision. It is my sincere hope that this project becomes the catalyst for better types of development in a great community my wife and I call home.

Chris Conti, Events Committee Chair

After returning to Georgia in 1998, my wife and I decided that Woodstock would be the ideal place to raise our three daughters.  Shortly after moving to Woodstock we noticed the area was beginning to experience a growth and I wanted to be involved in the process and encourage the expansion of our outdoor facilities and the activities available to our community.  I was appointed to the Woodstock Parks and Recreation department in 2000 and shortly after became a member of the Greenprints Alliance.  Being a part of the continued growth of our parks, trail system, and other greenspace facilities has allowed me to watch the citizens of our community come together as a whole through their interaction and involvement in the many outdoor activities now available in Woodstock.

Randy Davis, Board Member & Foundation Partner

We relocated our 20 year old international energy business to downtown Woodstock in June 2010; a time when the city was in transition to the vibrant area it has now become. We have been able to watch the extraordinary growth and development first hand. Seeking a change to a healthier lifestyle and family friendly environment, my wife and I purchased a home in Downtown Woodstock in 2012 and our daughter and her husband moved to downtown Woodstock in 2013. Given the opportunity to see the potential of Woodstock, our company decided to invest in the Greenprints Alliance organization, to enable the organization to prosper and help grow the multi-use trail system.

We have very much enjoyed living in the life-enriching environment of Woodstock, and we wanted to promote the development of the trail system and our company signed on as a foundation partner of Greenprints Alliance. The multi-use trails being constructed now allow endless opportunities to get outside and enjoy Woodstock and its natural lifestyle. We have embraced the city of Woodstock, a life style where one can exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy an active social life within a small radius.

The trail system, combined with the vibrant social environment, will enable children and adults to have safe and local exercise options, enjoy social activities and ensure all will have the ability to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

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Renee Gable, Board Member

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I moved my family to Woodstock 19 years ago for quality of life and school choice.  I became involved with Greenprints Alliance after reading about the Master Plan for a Trail System in Woodstock. I am an avid cyclist and wanted a safe trail riding experience instead of busy roads with traffic. 

I also believe in providing healthy, safe, natural trail exercise options to our community and, as a local business owner, I applaud the increased economic impact that results for Woodstock businesses.




Terry Morris, Board Member
President, Morris and Fellows Real Estate Services

Terry Morris is a lifelong champion of the outdoors and sees non-vehicular transportation as a crucial piece of cultivating health in the community. When not operating his business or volunteering in the community, Terry can often be found investing his time with the Boy Scouts, canoeing swamps, hiking, or mountain biking. His passion for the outdoors and his involvement in the Downton Woodstock real estate scene collide with Greenprints, where he works to make accessible outdoor destinations a reality.


Skip Noll, Board Member & Foundation Partner

We moved our business to downtown Woodstock in 2010 to be part of the growth and prosperity of an up and coming community. Woodstock has the feel of a small town with the convenient location and easy access to the big city if we ever wanted it. My daughter and I moved to Woodstock in 2013 and absolutely enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of the community. I have recently married and together we participated in all the vibrant activities Woodstock offers. We particularly enjoy the walking and running on the trails, and we do so at all times of the day. It is great to exercise in the safe and beautiful natural setting that the trail system has created. Staying healthy has never been so fun. We are looking forward to the trails connecting north towards Canton and south towards Cobb county and Kennesaw Mountain. Our company and family are imbedded in the Woodstock community and we wanted to get more involved. Giving and being part of Greenprints Alliance is the perfect way. We are proud to be part of this organization and look forward to its involvement in the growth of Woodstock. 


David Potts, Ex Officio

David is a founding member of Greenprints Alliance and chaired the organization through many formative years. An avid mountain biker, David's passion for trails of all sorts is evident in any conversation. David initially moved to Woodstock to be near the trails and currently owns and operates two businesses in the Woodstock area. After many years of serving the City in various volunteer capacities, David was elected to Woodstock City Council effective January 2016. He remains engaged with Greenprints in a non-voting role.

Dwight Waggener, Board Member