Greenprints Alliance’s story begins in 2007.

Through the vision of the Mayor Henriques and the City Council, a park master plan was commissioned by the City of Woodstock. Through a citizen-based planning process, Ecos Environmental Design produced the award winning Greenprints Project Master Plan. The focus on this plan was to use the miles of riparian and natural corridors in our area to lay out a 60+ mile network of multi-use trails connecting present and future greenspaces and providing a different mode of travel within our city.


Our Mission

The mission of Greenprints Alliance shall be to advocate for a sustainable greenspace and trail network which enhances the City of Woodstock’s community, natural and economic resources for all generations by promoting the benefits of a green infrastructure system to the general public. It will also work to implement the City of Woodstock’s vision adopted through The Greenprints Project plan document and any similar green infrastructure systems adopted by the City of Woodstock or adjacent jurisdictions. 

How we got here

  • 2007 - Parks and Recreation study commissioned by Mayor and City Council
  • 2007/2008 - Steering committee meets for nine months to develop plan
  • 2008 - Greenprints Plan Document adopted by City Council and added to Comprehensive Plan
  • 2008 - Plan awarded 'Best Planning Document' by Georgia Planning Association & 'Best Greenspace Plan' by Georgia Urban Forestry Council
  • 2009 - Greenprints Alliance, Inc qualifies as a 501(c)3 and seats first Board of Directors
  • 2009 - Successfully petitioned City Council to contribute $150,000 for first phase of Taylor Randahl Mountain Bike Trails (TRMTB)
  • 2010 - Instrumental in gaining $5 million in funding from Cherokee County Board of Commissioners through Parks Bond
  • 2012 - Successfully petitioned City Council to contribute matching funds of $40,000 for expansion of TRMTB